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Can the attorney you hired in a workers comp case sign documents for you

Atlanta, GA |

My lawyer was handling a workers comp case for me and signed douments in front of a notary without me knowing it. Is this legal?

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I assume he signed his name to the document and had it notarized. If he signed your name and had it notarized, he may have created a problem with the court and the bar.

If he signed document as your attorney, you should talk to him about his actions. Some documents are submitted by the attorney under his signature. Also, review your contract with him. It is possible you gave him authorization to submit documents without your approval.

Again, if an attorney signs as agent for the client, this is clearly spelled out in the signature line.


What kind of documents?
Do you have a copy of your fee contract? Sometimes there is a power of attorney in it that allows them to sign certain things such as checks for indemnity payments. However, if this was a settlement agreement they signed, there might be a problem with the stipulation. Hope this helps.
Best of Heath.
Bryan S. Hawkins


It depends if the fee contract allows the attorney, as your legal representative, to negotiate legal documents and checks on your behalf. Our fee contract allows for this.


Read your fee contract closely. You probably gave your attorney permission to sign certain types of documents for you--should as negotiating settlement checks.