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Can term life insurance policies be cancelled, or not renewed due to health or age?

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Are those the only type of life insurance policies that can be cancelled, or not renewed? Are there some
life insurance policies that can't be cancelled?

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Term life insurance is unique in the sense that, at the end of the term, the underwriters can re-assess the risks of the particular insured. At the end of the term, sometimes rates go up, down, stay the same, or sometimes coverage is cancelled. Health and age may be two factors they look at, depending on your situation. As some of the other attorneys pointed out, however, no concrete answer can be provided without reviewing the terms of the particular policy.


All sorts of policies are canceled, but many wrongfully, which is why people retain a life insurance lawyer.


It depends on the policy's provisions and applicable laws. No one can answer your question except to say "Maybe."

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I agree, it depends on the wording of the policy. Generally speaking, most term life insurance policies cannot be cancelled by the insurance company for health reasons.

Good luck.

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Have a life insurance lawyer review the contract.