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Can't find case law to support PAS and reunification with alienated parent?

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My seven year old, after staying with her step father for four months, has decided Mommy is no longer a good, trustworthy person. She has made false allegations of me giving her carnal knowledge and such. Its so bad, its even spread to my 4 year old to the point that her loving nickname is no longer acceptable because DADDY says so. The GAL and others have seen the change in my children. In order to fight this, I need some case studies and state (Florida) statues or something to show how dangerous this can be. Unfortunately, I am not good with paralegal stuff, so any help would be appreciated.

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These cases are intensely fact based. Also, you don't say if this is a divorce case or a DCF case, but the statutes and the standards are different. You really need to sit down with a lawyer, not a paralegal, and go over the facts of your case as well as where you are procedurally in order to get any kind of advice on how to deal with this situation. These situations are very serious, and in some cases can lead to criminal charges, so you really should not be trying to handle this on your own.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


Also, when you are talking about parental alienation, you almost always have to get a psychologist involved.

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