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Can statutory rape felonies be reduced to misdemeanors?

Apple Valley, CA |

My best friend is having trouble finding jobs and places to live because he was convicted of statutory rape when he was 18. Him and his girlfriend were together throughout high school and once he became a legal adult the girl accused him of raping her and dumped him because she was angry with him. He was convicted and sent to prison. Can this situation be reduced to a misdemeanor? If so, will we have to move to a different state that will reduce it? This is extremely unfair and we would greatly appreciate any advice you had to offer. Thank you.

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All other considerations aside if he went to prison he cannot now reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. I don't think that moving to another state will have any affect on his record in CA.


Definitely consult with an attorney who can review the specific facts of your case to determine if the felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor. There are several factors that come into play and some important facts not presented here would need to be taken into consideration.

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Change of state does not affect what conviction he has in CA. They may be other options available, however, more information is needed. Consult an attorney, many in AVVO give free consultation.


If he's looking to more he should consider states that don't have lifetime sex registration requirements.
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