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Can statements be suppressed?

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First off, you should never talk to the police if you are under investigation without first consulting with an attorney who can advise you of the consequences. However, if it is too late for that, statements can be suppressed if they were made involuntarily, or if the statements were made while you were in police custody and they did not Mirandize you, or if you made the statements without first knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily waiving your Miranda rights. From your question it seems clear that you better talk to a lawyer immediately.


That is a very open ended question. The quick answer is "Yes", however it will come down to the specific facts and circumstances of your case. There is no way an attorney would be able to answer that question without further analysis.




Yes, they can be depending on the circumstances.

Good luck.

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Suppression depends on whether your rights were violated, as the court will determine in a suppression hearing. If the court believes that is the case, evidence, including oral statements made, may be suppressed.