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Can someone with a felony record travel outside the united states

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If you are a convicted felon can you travel outside of the U.S., specifically to Ireland? I would not think you could if you are currently on probation or parole, but after. I have been told that to Ireland you only need a passport and not a visa, but that if the U.S. grants a passport, it would then be up to Ireland to ok entry to their country after checking you against a criminal database? If so, Is that also true of other countries? Thank you very much.

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You will need to consult with the consulate of each country you are interested in visiting. Canada, for example, specifically asks on its entry forms if visiting persons have any criminal conviction, and goes on to specify that even minor offenses, such as DUIs, must be disclosed.

Failure to accurately disclose the conviction prior to entering a foreign country may be a crime under that country's laws. The only accurate way to determine the answer is to ask the consulate of the country you intend to visit. The Republic of Ireland's consulate has a link with phone numbers for their offices:

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