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Can someone travel within US if Deferred Action is approved?

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I know you can't travel outside of the US, but there is nothing that says you can't travel within the US (air travel from one state to another). Will airport security stop you?

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After approval of your deferred action application, you should be able to receive a driver's license from the state you reside in. Most domestic airlines do not require anything supplemental to a valid state ID to board the plane. So, the answer is that, most likely, you will be able to travel within the country.

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You can travel within the US only after Deferred Action has been approved.

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As you stated, you are allowed to travel within the U.S. even in unlawful status, as airlines employees are only checking some sort of ID (e.g., your native country's passport) to make sure the name on the airline ticket matches your ID, and the picture matches you.

However, once you fly, you do expose yourself to a higher risk of encountering some airport security personnel or even DRO or CBP officers who may then investigate and detain you. But it is not correct to assume that airport security will automatically stop you just because you present just an airline ticket and a valid foreign passport for travel within the US.

Iara Nogueira Morton

Iara Nogueira Morton


Once your petition for deferred action is approved, even better, as you will have work permit, a SSN as well as a valid DL. According to Napolitano's Memo travel OUTSIDE the US may be possible but only for humanitarian, educational or work related matters (which I believe will be sparingly granted), and it can only be requested AFTER your petition is approved.

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