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Can someone tell me the maximum sentence for these crimes?

Lawrenceville, GA |

theft by receiving of a car
owning and operating a chop shop
possession of tools to commission a crime
possession of vehicle with altered vin

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For the Theft by Receiving Stolen Vehicle, Mr. Sithisom faces 1-20 for each count; for the Chop Shop, he faces 3-10 years; for the Altered VIN, he faces 1-10 years and for the tools he faces 1-5 years. For a maximum of 65 years if convicted on all counts....


We've seen things in the news, but without commenting on any particular case or any person's criminal history, the max penalty for a first conviction of theft by receiving a motor vehicle is 10 years. For a second or subsequent conviction of theft by receiving a motor vehicle the max is 20 years. The other numbers given by Mr. Kimbrell are accurate.

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