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Can someone sue me for posting a video on youtube, Facebook, or any other internet social site?

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I posted a video featuring a group of dancers dancing in a rented studio. We were preparing for a performance at a theater, the studio owner was a sponsor and agreed to allow us to practice in her studio. This happened after hours, the owner was no there. Later the video tape of us all dancing was spotted by the owner who has informed us she will sue if not taken down immediately. She claims the way we danced was hurtful, degrading to people of color and we were trying to damage her studio and equipment. None of this is true, only her warped opinion. I complied and took down the video, tried to reason with her that our intention was not to hurt her or harm her business. The next day she sent a threatening letter claiming legal action if any video from her studio is posted.

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This is America and you can be sued anytime by anyone for anything. The real question is if they will win. The other big issue to consider is if you want to spend what it will cost to defend yourself (10's of thousands of dollars.)

If you took the video, you own the copyright. Unless you agreed in writing not to use video in her studio, or she has signs posted that video cannot be shot, I do not see that she has a cause of action.

While I don't think you did anything wrong, my advice to a client who came to me with these facts would be to just take down the video and move on. Fighting is not worth the expense.

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Thank you! My thoughts exactly. This is not worth the time, money or stress. All the dancers in the video are professionals, teach and have deep connections in the art community. We took down the video(s) and sadly we'll never include her studio in any future productions which she could in turn use to benefit her studio. On a positive, we raised thousands of dollars for the charity event we were practicing for.

Andrew Mark Jaffe

Andrew Mark Jaffe


Good for you for raising that money! I am a big believer that individuals can create change in their own communities through individual effort.


Yes, if you break any laws or infringe any IP rights.

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Yes many such causes of action exist to protect persons.