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Can someone keep your phone if the account is in your name? My ex boyfriend wont give me it back, we are broken up now

Adrian, MI |

I tried to get my cell phone from my ex today and he wouldnt give it back to me, I bought it because he is a quadraplagic and wanted him to have something so he could use that is touch, easy operate, he wouldnt give it back, and asked me where his $500 was, which was a gift to use on my car..I didnt get the phone for him to keep, but to use, now he has changed the phone number and pass code so I cant even access my account, to have it disconnected

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Whether or not he can keep the phone is a question of whether or not it was a gift or a loan. If he is not going to give it back voluntarily, the only way to get it will be a small claims law suit for the value of the phone. The service account is a different matter. If the account is in your name you have every right to change or cancel the account. In fact, it is possible that by making the changes he has made to the account is has committed a crime - wire fraud, identity theft, or something similar depending on the specific details. You should be able to go to the carrier and get the account terminated with no problem.

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