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Can someone get disability for coronary artery disease?

Clifton Park, NY |

Person has smaller than normal arteries (congenital) and 3 prior heart attacks.

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You can receive SSDB for CAD. SSA has a medical listing for cardiac impairments and CAD is cited within the cardiac impairment listing. If you have an interest in applying for SSDB I suggest that you consult with an attorney whose law practice focuses on SSDB.

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Pre-existing and congenital conditions may play a role in the ability of somone to get compensation benefits -- however, the real question is was there something at work, some factor that acted on you to cause a worsening of your condtion. For instance, you have a bad heart, and you end up working in a hot room for tweleve horus then you have a heart attack due in part to that condition - techinically it is a covered accident. So bottomline, you'll need to provide more facts about the circumstances surrounding the condition.

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You might be asking about Social Security disability, so I've shared your question with Avvo's Social Security law forum, where your question may be seen by more attorneys who practice in this area of the law.

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In order to receive workers' compensation benefits your injury/condition must arise out of and in the course of your employment. This means that it had to kappen while you were working and had to be caused or contributed to by the work you were performing. If you had a pre-existing or even congenital condition, but were able to do your regular work with it and after whatever happened to you at work, it was aggravated and you are now disables as a result, this could be compensable. You will need to identify the factor at work that caused thecondition or aggravation (for example, heavy lifting episode, argument with customer, work environment such as excessive heat, etc.). You will also then need your doctor to diagnose the condition or aggravation and ascribe causal relationship between your condition/disability and whatever happened at work. This can be a complicated matter and to assist you with this it is recommended that you immediately consult with an attorney experienced in handling workers' compensation cases. If your case is not compensable under the Workers' Compensation Law or if you apply and it is denied, you can file for NYS short-term disability benefits and if you Good luck.

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Yes they can get social security disability if this condition affects their ability to work.

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