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Can someone get a violation of a no contact order if I get pregnant? is there a chance of getting them dropped?

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my boyfriend and i have two no contact orders. a 5 year one that was put on in 2008 and a lifetime no contact order from 2007. we have been apart since 2008, and have recently been trying to work out visitation of our 7 year old daughter. it got very difficult to do so throu third parties. the last two months we have been working together. we had one weak moment, and i am pregnant. we both agree we shouldnt be together, but i want to be able to communicate with him about our children without risk of violating the law. what should we do? thank you so much for your time.

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The bigger concern is not what you should do, but what your boyfriend can do to not go back to jail for violating the order. If you are hoping to return to court and explain that the no contact order should be lifted because you are now pregnant with his child, he will be facing significant consequences. You are always able to request the courts lift the no contact orders, but I would suggest you consult with an attorney familiar with both criminal no contact orders and family law matters as well before heading back to court.


Whew. It is rough, because a court is going to want to ask you why the no contact order should still be in place if you are making contact with him. At the same time, it is not going to rescind the order just because you want it rescinded, and if there is a lifetime no contact order, something rough must have gone down. Have you ever had a parenting plan in place? If not, this is the time to do so. I would suggest you get a parenting plan immediately, make it clear in the petition to establish the parenting plan the history between you two, and try and figure out why and whether you want him in the children's lives.

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That's funny--"one weak moment and now I am pregnant." I hope it was more than a moment. All joking aside, you should hire a lawyer so you do not accidentally make matters worse. I wonder if you mean protection order? Last I checked courts do not have authority to impose lifetime no contact orders. A protection order is easier to lift than a no contact order.
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If you go in front of the court to lift the NCO based on these facts, the court will most likely find this to be a violation. You just made a bad situation even worse. You should hire an attorney to be your mouthpiece in this case.

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