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Can someone explain basic difference btwn CA penal code 243(e) vs. 273.5(a)? Friend convicted of misdemeanor under 273.5(a).

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273.5(a) looks like a felony for inflicting corporal injury to spouse or girlfriend, etc. How then was my friend convicted of a misdemeanor 273.5(a)? Now he is trying to get a special license issued by the state. They are trying to say he may be inelligible because of a conviction of Moral Turpitude.

Also, it was dismissed per penal code 1203.4

Just trying to understand the basic differences and how it works.

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243(e) is battery against a spouse or cohabitant which is a misdemeanor with up to $2,000 in fines and 6 months in county jail.

273.5(a) corporal injury against spouse or cohabitant is a FELONY with up to $6,000 fine an 2-3-4 years in prison

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