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Can someone be arraigned twice for the same case?

Coos Bay, OR |

My boyfriend was arraigned via phone for Assault IV and Harassment, a change of plea hearing was set for Oct. 2nd. On Oct 2nd they arraigned him again then had him go sign a release/no contact agreement. I believe they did this just to get the no contact added since they didn't do it during the first arraignment and also to postpone his trial date, possible trying to put it out of the torte claim range, so maybe he won't be able to sue. His attorney had never heard of anyone being arraigned twice. I am wondering if this would be a legal action. If not could the cases be dismissed for a speedy trial violation?

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That does seem unusual, but these are really questions your boyfriend should ask his attorney. If you were the one that is protected by the no contact order you should not contact your boyfriend, as this could lead to trouble for him. However, you can contact your boyfriend's attorney. Be forewarned that his attorney may not be able to discuss the specifics of the case with you. Good luck.



I have already spoken with my boyfriends attorney, he has never heard of anyone being arraigned twice.

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