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Can slander charges be filed against a College Instructor?

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There was a dispute about a answer to a test question so I went up to the desk to show the instructor the page in the book to why it was being disputed. When I walked away I said well that stupid in regards to the answer, the instructor got upset and left the classroom, she reported that I called her a dumb ass. I got suspended from class for the day. There were several class students to verify the instructor told a lie. I am 51 yrs. old and attending college to be a RN, this lie was humiliating & distressing. What should I do to gain back my self respect?

Sincerely, A. Buchanan

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Check the school handbook to see whether there is an administrative procedure that you must follow.

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Speak with an administrator about your situation.

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If you want to get your self-respect back, you should strive to get good grades in your class. If you want to waste a lot of time and money in court, you should file a defamation suit. Unfortunately, I don't see damages sufficient to file suit here. Best of luck with your new career in nursing.

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


Wise counsel!


Best bet is to put it behind you. A lawsuit would be fruitless.


As an attorney who has handled dozens of cases about and for nurses, let me share this with you: an RN needs to be able to take a punch and choose not to notice. The situation you describe here is a meaningless and unworthy tempest. Do these things:
1. Rise above it.
2. Have a heart to heart with the instructor in which you take some responsibility and sincerely apologize for your part.
3. Re-calibrate your humiliation/distress detector.

Good golly but you are going to have a tough road ahead with the doctors if you can't handle this kind of stuff better than you have here.

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You essentially called her "stupid"; you object because she reported that you said "dumb-ass" - aren't you splitting hairs. Additionally, you weren't kicked out of the class, just "suspended for the day", so you really have no provable economic damages. You will gain back your "self-respect" by completing the course successfully.

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