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Can Sheriff's Dept & Landlord take my house key & kick me out of the house w/out an eviction notice?

Baldwin Park, CA |

Living situation- I live w/ one other person, to whom I pay rent monthly. I've only lived there going on 2 months. We have no documentation as far as our rental agreement goes. The property is owned by a third party who doesn't live there. So last night, the guy I rent from, our visitors & I were apprehended by gang unit from Industry Sheriffs Dept. Long story short, my 2 friends & I were let go & the guy I rent from was taken into custody for possession. Before let go, the property owner was called & came to the house to speak with police. They then told me to go inside & get my things & that I could not return to the property until I scheduled a day w/ the owner to pick up all my stuff. I have no family or resources to live off of. Im trying to figure out what my rights are.

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Generally a landlord must follow all eviction procedures when evicting either a tenant or subtenant from the premises. Have you discussed these matters with the sheriff and the landlord? Do you have any utilities in your name?

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