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Can same law firm conduct a foreclosure and an auction in MA? Is this a conflict of interest?

Lowell, MA |

is it legal in MA for same law firm to foreclose on the house and then perform an auction for the same house?

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i could only imagine one entity that fits the description you gave, its name is the first name of a very famous home fun hitter for the Minnesota Twins a long time ago

You would think that's a conflict, but this same entity also owns a title company ans has signatory authority to assign mortgages to clients it performs foreclosure prosecutions for...the long answer would be yes, but apparently no one has seemed to care at this point, however Id bring this to someone's attention

i believe a day of reckoning awaits this entity


The Western Division of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts has ruled in favor of the foreclosing law firm owning the auction company.