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Can recorded conversations performed by a c.i be used in court?

Orlando, FL |

phone calls and meetings were recorded by a c.i but not under the direction of the d.e.a andd were later turned over to agents at a later date. are these admissible in court?

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I could make an argument both ways for whether or not they are admissible. Even if they are, the state would need to lay the proper predicate in order to admit them in trial.

Cases that require or even use confidential informants can be particularly difficult for the state to successfully prosecute. Even at trial an experienced defense attorney can often convince a jury that the CI has no credibility and that the CI himself may be responsible for any evidence against a defendant.

I recommend you consult with some experienced criminal attorneys.



the case is in federal court right now. im doing research for a friend and have been told that they can and will be used by people ive spoken with. thank you for your answer. I will pass your info along to my friend next time I talk to him. thank you again