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Can realtors enter a rented property when no one is home?

Quincy, MA |

My landlord is selling to house ( a two family) that I and a friend are renting an apartment in. We have no objection to having realtors come in and show the place, with notice. What is bothering me is that some of these realtors have keys to the apartment, and have been showing up without any notice, using the keys to come in even when we are home. they don't even knock! It's just realtors and prospective buyers, our landlord is NOT with them. Legally, can we deny them access? Also, since they have keys, how do we protect ourselves and our property if they come in when we are not home, or worse, while we are sleeping? I'm female, and I'm worried about waking up to strangers in my apratment! Or coming home to find things missing, or having them come in while I am in the shower! Do I have any recourse? I'm a bit frightened, and it's very inconvenient to have to always have someone home in case they randomly show up.

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Asolutely NOT!

They would be premitted to enter with reasonable notice to you, however when they enter without notice they are trespassing, and potential engaged in a constructive breaking an entering.

You are paying rent, and while still a tenant you have the exclusive right to the interior of your arartment.

Explain this to your "friendly" Realtor, or contact me, and I will explain it him/her that under no uncertain terms will he/she EVER show up in your apartment ever again.

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