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Can real estate commission be deducted from value of home when totaling marital assets?

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I'm In the process of splitting marital assets and my wife's attorney is deducting 7% of the homes value for real estate commission and real estate transfer tax. Is this allowed?

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There is no reason to deduct the commission unless it actually happens. Then we'd be talking about proceeds from the sale. I mean, really, if you're going to be deducting things that haven't occurred, why not ask for a split of her future lottery winnings?


Usually if its going to be sold. However if one spouse is keeping it then the commission should not be considered.

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Yes, it is allowed if the parties agree. If you don't agree, you can argue the point in front of an equitable distribution master.


The short answer is that yes it is allowed, but the better question is why you haven't hired your own lawyer to help in your negotiations. You should be asking these questions to your own lawyer who can evaluate the facts of your specific case.

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