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Can process server trespass on private property?

Orlando, FL |


Last week a guy who claimed to be a process server knocked on my door. He was looking for the people who owned the house, before I purchased it. I told him that they did not live here. He got pretty rude with me, so I asked him if he noticed the "No Trespassing" signs on the trees in my front yard. He said that he noticed them, but could trespass because he had an order from the court to deliver the papers. He then said that he would be back and there is nothing I can do.

He hasn't been back. I think he realized I was telling the truth about the people not living here.

Is it true that process servers in Florida can come on to private property with posted "No Trespassing signs"?

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No a <a href="">process server</a> cannot do as you described. Call the cops if it happens again. Hope this helps!