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Can probation officers check your phone records if the phone isnt registered under your name?

Brattleboro, VT |

I am on strict probation and have been denied contact with certian people. Can mt probation officer check my phone records to see who ive been texting/calling with out my permission or the person whoms name the phone is registered under?

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A lot of it depends on your exact probation conditions. In addition to the condition not to have contact with certain people, is their a condition that requires you to sign a waiver to allow the p.o. to have access to your phone records without a warrant based on probable cause? Even though you have some reduced privacy expectations when on probation, generally speaking, a p.o. cannot search your house or personal effects without either permission or a warrant based on probable cause. If you signed a waiver, that would give them permission to search the records.

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