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Can probation, tell a spouse that the cant live with each other???

Margaretville, NY |

my boyfriend is on probation,and we live together.We have a 2 month old son together and my 2 sons from my marriage reside here with us.Recently my 17 year old got in trouble and will be on probation also,My boyfriends officer said that he has to move can they do this if we were married???

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Attorney answers 2


The general anwser is yes... probation has a lot of discretion in determining who you can relate with (drug dealers, gang memebers, etc.) ... but for a more specific anwser, you must look at the probation order signed by the judge at the time your boyfriend was sentenced. That will list the powers and authority that the probation officer has over your boyfriend.


This really seems to be more of a criminal law question than a family law one (I thought you were discussing Child Support Probation) when I saw the lead-in to the question. I'd suggest consulting with a criminal law attorney to see what your rights are.