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Can Pro Se Litigant ask for sanctions? Fam Law. Or just for fees even though they put time and effort into litigation.

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In Family Court, if a represented vexatious litigant is constantly dragging ex-spouse into court regarding Custody or what ever fantasy bs they can come up with, can a self- represented party ask for Sanctions? I don't find any protection against this. Yet, ProSe can be deemed a vexaious litigant. Not fair, right? Is my only option to ask for costs (Copies, Office, Assistant? Can I estimate the $50,000 it will cost to go to trial and have the Judge rule the other Party to pay this amount ( based on disparity of income?) and hire a Lawyer?

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You can hire a lawyer and have them file a motion on your behalf seeking sanctions for the opposition filing frivilous motions seeking only to harass and annoy you. The lawyer can ask for costs and attorney fees and that the court sanction your ex and his lawyer if the filings are truly frivilous? The court is not going to award you $50,000.00 for a trial yet to take place in my opinion?
If the other lawyer's motions or conduct is unethical, you can also consider reporting them to the State Bar Ethics or Disiplinary Department.

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You can certainly defend any motion brought and ask for sanctions based on the harassing nature of the claim. You will not likely get trial estimate and lawyer fees but you can get recompensed for the specific harassment.



Thank you!


You can file a motion seeking the other side to pay you money so you can hire an atty. Id suggest you talk to a few local attys that you might want to hire, and perhpas they will help you draft the motion.

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