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Can police or state/federal attorneys intercept mail during a criminal investigation?

Knoxville, TN |

I have not received mail addressed to myself for over 3 weeks, including letters I sent to myself from 3 different locations. I am invloved with an individual who was an ex-partner in a business, and who I believe has filed a complaint for fraud against me in an attempt to divert attention from the tax fraud he has committed. When investing money into the LLC (of which he was a member), he did it in the form of personal notes to me. However, he retained 90% of the money he claimed he was investing, and which I signed the notes for. The total of the claimed investments exceeds $500,000. He is now claiming that I own him the full amout of the personal loans, and has been pressuring me repay the total amount. If my mail is being intercepted, is it possible to find out by whom?

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Send yourself a registered letter - if it does not arrive - ask the post office. However, your real problem is far more complex and needs the immediate attention of an attorney as you could be facing serious criminal charges.


I believe that Jonathan Levy's suggestion about sending yourself registered mail is a good idea. However, it sounds like receiving your mail may be the least of your concerns at this point. Additionally, you should be careful about the details you provide in an open forum such as this one (i.e., Avvo). My suggestion is that you immediately contact an attorney to discuss your situation more fully.


I agree with my colleagues above.

You should also be aware that, even if you are getting your mail, the feds may be getting information from the mail you receive. They can get what is called a "mail cover" which gives them the information, if any, on the front and back of the mail you receive. Mail covers are sometimes used in an attempt to add a piece or two to the puzzle that is a complicated investigation.

Get counsel now. Better safe than sorry.

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