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Can police officer coerce you to sign a statement saying I conspired with the threat of jail time and loss of child?

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I was arrested for theft. Police officer told me that I would go to jail and lose my child if I did not sign a statement which said my wife and I conspired to steal.

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If you are prosecuted and the State wants to use your statement as evidence against you, then your lawyer would consider filing a motion to suppress the statement on the grounds that it was involuntary. The judge would hold a hearing on the motion at which you, the officers, and any other important witness to the statement, would testify. Depending on what the testimony at the hearing reveals, the judge would either grant or deny your motion to suppress.


You should absolutely get yourself an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Do not talk with the police or sign anything they give you without your lawyer present.


I agree with my colleagues and suggest that you stop posting facts about the case on line.