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Can police make arrest off of just a witness saying he shot me ?

Spring, TX |

If the person you got into it with earlier that day says you shot them can they arrest you . I have a aliby on where i was at the time and everything. The victim believe i shot him but does not have proof of evidence just a friend saying it was me and a friend that been in jail for three years now. what do i do?

Im not saying a witness in jail . Im saying that they are accusing me and a friend that been in jail for three years to have done it. i also have other evidence of him saying he dont know who shot him after the date of the crime . it says in writing : who shot me and forgot to kill me , should i brang that into court. The victim and witness have prior records and is accusing me because they dislike me. Is the evidence I have weak?

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Accusations, followed by convincing testimony, can be enough to convict. Alibi is a strong defense, but has to be raised, so you need an attorney just for that. There is no way that you should attempt to defend yourself on a matter of this severity. Even an attorney, charge with a shooting, would hire a defense attorney. If you cannot afford one, ask the judge to assign one.

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You have now become a suspect in a felony case. What do you do?

Hire the best lawyer you can afford, and get ready to fight to the bitter end. There is no easy solution and the case will not just go away so you either prepare to defend yourself the smart way, or learn the hard way that an accusation alone is enough to convict. Good luck.

James Regan

James Regan


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