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Can police impound my car if i was arrested for "under the influence of a controlled substance but the car was on private proper

Santa Clara, CA |

im on parole in california and a officer made contact with me. i told him my name and that i was on parole witch is required by law. for whatever reason, im guessing previous prison charges, he and his co-workers were not too happy to find me not in violation of the law so decited to arrest me for under the influence. i was not and a blood test confirmed that. however after my arrest my car key was missing from my property. i went back to the location of my car to find it gone. they impounded it. is this legal?

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Attorney answers 2


It sounds like one of two things happened here. Either the car was not legally parked and the police that arrested you impounded the vehicle after the arrest or your car was towed by the owner of the property as you did not have permission to have your car parked there. Either way yes it is legal.
Robert Driessen


There are any number of possible explanations as to why the car may have been impounded, such as the car either being parked illegally or not being permitted to being parked on the private property. If either scenario is true, then under the circumstances, it was probably legal.