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Can Parole Office in Tx, after 8 mo. on parole for robbery, ask parolee to register as sex offender when hasn't convicted as one

Irving, TX |

person on Parole for robbery through Ca., transferred to tx, . Has past juvenile record w/ a minor . A plea agreement was made for probation, not parole & as part of deal ,didn't have to register as a sex offender. Person completed probation conditions & in court papers it states,"the Defendent's Juvenile Probation grant was terminated successfully." Parolee's isn't a sex offender. The custodial state of Texas conditions ,stated when awarded transfer, Austin Parole Board and City where residiing ,Parole Department told parolee was not required to register as sex offender. Now the Parole Office calls & says parolee has to come sign papers, and go & register as a sex offender, because of past juvenile case . Does the parolee have to comply? How can we stop this from happening.

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He needs to hire a lawyer to assist with this. He may be entitled to relief under Article 62.354 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

See Chapter 62:

The information provided is not advice but a legal perspective and you should schedule a consultation with the lawyer of your choice.


This law is very complex, and you're talking about two different states and juvenile and adult law. This is not something that someone online will be able to answer adequately. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney who can sit down and research all of this thoroughly, and based on your specific circumstances. This isn't something that will likely be part of a free consultation, as it will probably take several hours of research. If judgments and records need to be ordered, it will take even longer. Call around and ask what attorneys might charge for this.