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Can parents be sued if child is tried as an adult?

Modesto, CA |

My son is being charged as an adult in the state of California. He discharged a firearm causing injury and I want to know if the victim can legally come after me for damages even though my son is being tried as an adult.

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yes, if he is a minor, you are responsible for damages caused. Your homeowners will cover it, depending on whether the injury was intentional (no) or negligent (yes).

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Notify your insurance company if you haven't already.


How come nobody answered your question? If he is an adult not living with you and he did not obtain the gun from you, you are in the clear. If however you furnished the gun or the ammunition you could be charged as an accessory or sued for negligent entrustment,. Since he is being charged as an adult, I think we can assume he is a minor and that also could subject you to liability.

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hey may quality as a named insured under your homeowners, if not, parents in California are liable for the tortious activity of their children only under limited circumstances and that liability is limited to the medical bills incurred by the injured party and only to a certain amount. This of course assumes that you do not yourself have liability for negligently making the gun available to the kids or some other independent theory of liability.


Report it to your homeowner's company to resolve

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