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Can our RV be held for non-payment of space rent, if we were not the people who contracted to rent the RV space?

Wann, OK |

A friend asked to rent our RV. He took it out of state and rented a space in an RV Park. He left after three months and allowed others to live in the RV. He has not gone to get the RV. The owner of the RV Park moved the RV to his house and is wanting rent money to release the RV. Are we liable?

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It is difficult to say. You may have assumed liability by allowing RV to be parked there. The answer should be in the lease agreement.


Dear Wann RV Owner:

I am an attorney licensed to practice law in New York. I do not practice law in Oklahoma.

You have a practical problem before you consider what is legal. You "lost" possession of your titled vehicle by letting it loose in the hands of a friend who then crossed state lines, parked the RV in a park, did not pay for the rent, and left your RV in the hands of strangers.

You did not identify the state where the RV is located and so it is impossible to check out online for you about the RV statutes in the other state.

But unless you pay the rent on the vehicle you own, and take it home, you will lose it. That is the practical.

Whether the RV may be properly moved from the Park to the Manufactured Home Park owner's home, may become a matter that you take up with a lawyer in that other state, after you have redeemed your RV.

And it is too late for you to claim the RV is stolen as you are in contact with the person who will claim that he is guarding your RV and keeping it safe from harm from the strangers your friend left in your vehicle after he abandoned your property, at an RV park and skipped out on the rent.

Good luck.

The answer provided to you is in the nature of general information. The general proposition being that you should try to avoid a bad outcome if you can.