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Can one with a revoked DL in Illinois, receive a DL in another state?

Riverview, FL |

My dad got his DL revoked years ago, he was going to court to get it reinstated, all he had left to do was get a breathalyzer installed in the vehicle he would've used, but he ended up in jail again. I was wondering if he would be able to get a license in Florida (or any other state) even though his DL in Illinois is revoked.

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I haven't examined the issue in a few years but at that time it was possible in certain states and not possible in others. Basically it had to do with reciprocal cooperative agreements between states. This may have changed and all states may be "speaking to each other". Consult a local DMV attorney for free consultation. Good luck.


I have represented revoked IL drivers from all over the place. Alabama and CO are possible after you have lived there and you still need a hearing. Why doesn't he submit an out of state packet? If he has never tried before and been denied we can take him through a shortcut. Click on my link.


He will have to get his driving privileges reinstated inIllinois before he will be eligible for issuance of a Florida DL.