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Can one seek legal action due to submission of inaccurate commencement date or less than full-time status to loan clearinghouse?

New York, NY |

My university submitted an inaccurate date 5/2/14 to the loan clearinghouse as the date of my commencement date or less than full-time status. However, it is documented (in written form, with signatures from both the registrar of the university and the chair of the department) I will be enrolled until May 30, 2014. This decision or communication with the loan clearinghouse effects my deferment/ grace period associated with my loan and in the interest incurred on the federal student loan.

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Handle the correction through the administrative offices of the University, and have them send the correction to the bank handling the loan. This is not a legal problem, it is an administrative one.

This does not constitute legal advice or the engagement of my services as an attorney.