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Can one person own a car and another person register and insure the car in their name without violating the laws of texas

Overton, TX |

my girlfriend owns a motorcycle,but does not have a license i do have one can i register and insure it without transfering titler

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Short answer: Yes. When a person leases a car (versus purchasing and taking our a loan), this is exactly the same arrangement. The leasing company is the titled owner, and leasee is the registrant and pays for the insurance policy on the car.

Having said that, if you do this, you are only asking for trouble later. This arrangement between friends often becomes a problem sometime in the future, especially when relationships change, or end.

Think what will happen if you keep your name on the title, and she has possession of the vehicle. If you break up, and she doesn't give it back, you will have to repo it from her. Also, if she drops the insurance, and is involved in an accident without insurance and injures someone, YOU as the titled owner will be held liable for the damages.

Just don't do it. Either sell it to her, or keep it.

I am an attorney who is only licensed in the State of Florida. My answer is general legal advice based upon what I perceive your question to be, and should not be relied upon because every person's facts and circumstances are unique, and because specific laws vary from state to state. To completely evaluate a legal issue requires reviewing and evaluating all relevant facts, applicable laws and other information. My answer does not create an attorney-client relationship, and offered for informational purposes only.


Short answer: Yes you can do it. Longer answer: You are setting yourself up for trouble. In order to obtain insurance, you must have an insurable interest, or some interest you are attempting to protect.

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