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Can one legally live, work, and pay taxes in one state, yet maintain a driver's license in another state?

Branson, MO |

This person cannot obtain a driver's license in the state in which he/she lives due to denial for 10 years following past occurrences that cannot be removed, expunged, or sealed from said person's record. A home is currently owned and rented out in the state in which this person holds a legal, valid driver's license. Thank you in advance.

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To the best of my knowledge, driver's licenses can only be obtained legally in one state at a time, that being the state of legal residence. It is probably some kind of registration fraud to maintain the fiction of a residence in one state while being licensed in another.


Even if you have another state's license, if you get caught driving in Missouri while your privilege here is denied you'll go to jail.


If you are a resident of Mo you must get a drivers license within 30 days. Residency for other purposes is where you say you reside.

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