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Can one get a pardon for a first offense OWI conviction in Wisconsin ?

Milwaukee, WI |

Person has a spotless record and defended the U.S. on 911 over Washington D.C. This is a first offense and the penalties are permanent for this persons field of work and it will cause the stripping of numerous qualifications in their field of work. In Wisconsin it's a traffic ticket but every other state considers it a crime and Canada will not even let this person fly into their country. The person is a pilot who flys internationally and has every qualification for this profession and contributes in training, safety and checking other pilots.

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Almost certainly not, especially given the current governor has made it clear he will not issue any pardons.

OWIs are generally not expunged or pardoned as they are penalty enhancers. In other words, each time you get another OWI, the penalties increase.

Further, a first offense is civil. I am uncertain whether pardons are available for civil offenses. Moreover, because the first offense is civil, it is normally considered your one get out of jail free card.

You could certainly try. Anything is possible. This is just not very probable.

I know this is not the answer you want to hear, but it it the truth.

Good luck.

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