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Can not hire attorney?

Emporia, KS |

I had a 40000 dollar bond for sales of meth an illegal use of communication device an da gave me an or bond to work for police but said that it would end their deal with me if I hire attorney. Can the legally do that?

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I don't practice in KS but that just doesn't sound right. If you are charged with a crime and face criminal prosecution you should definitely have an attorney.


If you have a bond, you should have a court date. If you have a court date you need an attorney. The state can work with who they want to as far as CI's, but an attorney, including a prosecutor, has special obligations when dealing with an unrepresented person. You must ask yourself do you trust them if they don't want you to have representation.

Legal disclaimer: Legal disclaimer: Patrick M. Lewis, (913) 558-3961, This answer is intended to provide general information about the justice system. It does not provide legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. It does not provide the basis for making decisions about a course of action. Legal advice requires more communication and information than is possible in this format. Many important considerations and factors need to be investigated and discussed before an attorney could give legal advice about this issue. Before making any decisions about a course of action readers are strongly encouraged to contact a lawyer and secure an attorney-client relationship. Readers must also understand that this format does not provide for confidential communication.


I would strongly recommend you hire an attorney, or at least speak to a local attorney as soon as possible.

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