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Can non-custodial party refuse communication with me regarding our son?

Chicago, IL |

My ex husband is trying to force me to cc his wife on emails I send him regarding our son. To my knowledge, my only obligation is to communicate with my ex and my current husband. I have no obligation to his new wife. I tried doing when they first got married and all she did was attack me. I choose not to be attacked so I refuse to add her to my emails. He is more than welcome to let her read them or to forward them to her, its his responsibility to keep his wife informed, not mine. He is so intent on this that he has now started deleting anything I send (he sent an email stating this is his plan) and not respond or communicate with me until I include her. This is going to really mess up trying to make visiting arrangements. Waht recourse do I have? (jurisdiction is in genessee county, mi)

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If jurisdiction is in Genessee County, Michigan, why are you posting your question in Illinois?


You will have to ask the Michigan lawyers. You should not have to communicate with step mom. If he fails to communicate with you then take him to court.

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I would be shocked if you were required to copy a step-parent on your email but you still need to ask a Michigan attorney. Also, it is possible that Illinois may have jurisdiction depending on your circumstances.


so include her and delete what she sends you. how hard is that?