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Can naturalization application be denied because of traffic and parking tickets ?

West Palm Beach, FL |

I have traffic tickets and parking tickets which are already paid.
No arrests, no criminal convictions, no misdemeanors - just traffic and parking tickets.
I am going to answer Yes on my N-400 on the following questions: section D-questions 15, 16, 17, and 18.
Do I have to worry about something else ?

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Attorney answers 2


Naturalization can be denied for felony convictions or crimes involving moral turpitude. Traffic infractions and parking tickets would/should not affect the decision. I think you should reconsider your answer for question 15. You should be aware that if you are on probation for any of the traffic offenses you are ineligible until you have completed probation successfully. You should also consult with an immigration attorney with your questions as Immigration is a very complicated area of law.


You do not need to worry about non-criminal traffic infractions.