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Can my wifes divorce lawyer tell me what to pay before we even go to court

Wadsworth, OH |

My only income is S.S. and me told her to tell me to get a job if I can't pay for her medical insurance and if I do my other bills will go unpaid. She has told him that her health is failing but that is not true

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He can't tell you anything but he can take in front of the judge who can.


He is not the boss of you. Mr. Tsourakis is correct that he can submit his proposal to the judge for things like spousal support and so forth, but the judge is the one who issues the Order. The judge can order you to seek work.

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Only if you allow him to do so. Talk to an attorney. Many offer a free consultation. If I were you, I'd have no contact with her about the case and certainly not with him. Find out your rights and obligations from an experienced attorney.

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He can tell you whatever he wants, and you can choose to ignore him. You have to follow court orders, not orders from your wife's attorney. I agree with the other posters to get your own counsel.

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