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Can my spouse sue her family for sexual, physical, and mental abuse as a child?

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My spouse served four years in the military where she was sexually harassed and discharged for bipolar disorder. She is now further in therapy and is uncovering memories of sexual abuse. She has already reported in the military to doctors events of physical and mental. What can she do, she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety, anorexia, adhd, childhood ptsd, and so much more. She is going to need countless years of therapy, and we just had a new born so im dealing with after baby blues. Who can we sue, she reported abuse on many occasions in NY where she lived and no one was ever charged. She was even kicked out of her house at only 17 after her aunt lost in a custody battle for her. Her adopted mother in NY still making money off her special needs brothers.

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It is in your best interest to discuss these issues with an experienced criminal attorney who practices in the state wherein the crimes occurred (it sounds like New York). There may be issues relating to the time frame of the crimes and an expiration of time for filing against such issues (both criminal and civil remedies). This is not a family law issue or an issue that appears to be in California. However, if you would like to review the current statute of limitations regarding these types of crimes I have included it below.

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Catherine Caroline Forbes

Catherine Caroline Forbes


I agree with Ms. Cullens excellent answer. Remember those people may now be abusing other children. That is why reporting to law enforcement is a good idea regardless of statute of limitations issues. The police will cross report to CPS who mihght investigate if they know minor children are there.

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