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Can my soon to be ex-wife cut off all communication between my children and me?

Springfield, IL |

When my children are not with me I cannot get a hold of them. I added lines to MY cell phone service and got them phones so that we could call each other and she has taken them from the kids and hidden them, I am still paying the monthly charges in hopes she will change her mind and let them have them. My ex turns off the ringer on the house phone and turns off the voicemail. She has me blocked on her cell phone so that I cannot call my children when I don't have them and speak to them a few minutes every night. Can she cut off all communication between my children and I when they are not with me??? Or will I have to see about having phone calls with my children put into our final papers? The only thing decided so far is that she is the custodial parent & I have them on certain days.

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In Illinois, generally visitation also includes telephone contact. However, odds are you will need to petition the court for an order allowing you to contact your children. The reason is that by virtue of having an order on file, if she tries any shenanigans, you can file a petition for indirect civil contempt against her.

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