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Can my sons dad be found in contempt of court for not buying him a winter jacket and boots?

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My ex and I have joint leagal custody, he has physical placement, I have periods of placment every other weekend beginning on Th 3:30pm-the following Tue morning and every Thursday. Its almost half the time. I pay $125per mo. in Child Support, never get to claim him on taxes. My ex never buys him clothes, I always end up doing it, because I don't want him going without. I am on unenployment, have a daughter from a different dad who doesnt pay child support. My sons dad takes care of his new girlfriend and her two kids, buying cars and cell phones. I take him to court since the placement order and hes ordered to pay half medical bills. I havent seen a dime spent on my son one way or another. I cant afford to keep taking him to court. help!

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To me the winter coat is a CHIPs issue. Call social services.


Take him to court for contempt on the medical bills. Ask for child support to be reviewed (they should be using the shared placement formula) and for variable costs to be assessed. Normally each party pays for variables by percentage of placement.

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sounds like good advice to me and the attorneys seem to know their stuff.