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Can my son who has no criminal background and is employed have joint or sole custody of his newborn now that she is here.

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Girlfriend lived with our family during the time of child's conception. Girlfriend decided she was more in love with her ex Female lover and moved back in with her. She band my son through entire pregnancy. Though he is now allowed to see the newborn at times the attitude is more that the baby belongs to two women and not my son.he feels slighted.wants no harm to the woman but wants to raise his child in a wholesome environment as well. Mother says if allowed he can't solely have his child until 3/4 months. But he wants to be able to have his child before then especially since the baby is being bottle fed. What can he do.

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He can file an action for custody and get a temporary custody order even if it is only for visitation at this time. You need to seek the advice of a family law attorney.

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I would suggest consulting with an experienced family law attorney in your area. However, you can file for custody. Right now, since it seems that there is no custody order in place, you are free to see the child when you want. I would file for custody immediately.



Would she be able to bar him from her home.she states since they are no longer together they done need to seer ons anther every day.he's asked for baby she's said No. She requested he stay away for a week to gave her a break. Do yo THINK he has a good chance for gaining custody.