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Can my son's father get visitation rights if he has not seen my son in 10 months and has not paid any child support?

Muskegon, MI |

He has not helped pay for anything, and now that there is a child support order being set up he states that if he has to pay he wants to see him. He also tried killing his son when he was first born and there was domestic violence during my pregnancy. He has been involved in the criminal system and has very bad anger issues and I am fearing for my sons physical safety he will harm him to hurt me.

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Support and visitation are two separate things. If he has not been legally deemed your son's father, he doesn't have an obligation to pay support. The other issues you mentioned will be up to the judge. Typically, unless you are a convicted pedophile or murderer, you will have some form of parenting time. Your best bet would be to suggest a schedule to the other side ahead of time.


Visitation and support are separate issues. However the issues you raise should certainly be brought before the court if the father goes to court to try to get court ordered visitation. If he has not been legally determined to be the father yet that would be the first thing he would have to do before he could pursue visitation.

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