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Can my son come live with me, if with are under and accident investigation by the insurance comp?

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my son had an accident driving 1 of my cars. he doesn't live with me so he wasn't under the insurance policy ,an i never let him borrow my car before that day .now we are under the insurance company investigation an they are asking allot of personal question . im a sick woman so my son and daughter are coming back to live with me and help me . can adding my son to the insurance have some effect on the investigation?

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The facts as of moment of the collision are most important. If he comes to live with you now or a year from now should not have an affect on the investigation. Are you worried that the insurance company will deny coverage? Was he a permissive user of your car the day of the collision? There are a lot of questions. I'd recommend you speak with an attorney about this. Especially, if your son was not at fault in the collision and the insurance is questioning whether coverage would apply.

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With regard to the accident the insurance company is primarily concerned with your living situation on the date of loss. They will also ask about the living arrangements when you took the policy out and deny coverage if you made a material misrepresentation on the application.

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Yes your son can live with you now/ the living arrangements for insurance coverage purposes are fixed at the date of the crash not afterwards


The insurance company is probably looking for a way to deny coverage. If your son was not living with you and he did not use your car regularly you should be ok. You can add your son and anyone else by calling your agent. The investigation is probably only focused on the date of the crash and the application for insurance that was in full force and effect on the date of the accident. Good luck.

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