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Can my situation be helped?

Spartanburg, SC |

hi there has been a foreclosure hearing set for tomorrow January 28 at 10:30 am. I am married and my spouse just quit paying the mortgage over 2 years ago. the bad part is only 2 years was left on the mortgage. I cannot afford the payments after I found out about this, it was too late. I got court papers saying a foreclosure was going to happen due to default. which I understand that. I want to save my home and get rid of my spouse. when I called the loan co, of course they wouldn't talk to me. I want to finish paying the loan but I cannot at the current amount of monthly payments. i'm planning on going to the hearing to plead my case to keep my home. my spouse doesn't care about the hearing or even going. Is there any hope for me over this?

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Go to the foreclosure hearing and let the court know that you just found out about the foreclosure. Explain to the court that you would like some time to address whether the house can be saved from foreclosure and then go and meet with a foreclosure or bankruptcy attorney to explore what options you have at this late stage.

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