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Can my roommate who has never asked me for a dime of rent put my belongs out of the apt?

Atlanta, GA |

My rm mate, me and my child have lived in the apt for about 8 months until I was put on military orders for 7 months. Our agreement was he paid rent, utilities, cable. The utilities are in my name though. We have separate rooms and bathrooms. After I went away on orders he met a female and now he's threatened to put my belongings out. I have no problem with moving/getting my stuff out but I'm on orders and can't get to the apt to move the things out. I can be there in a week or two but I think he may put everything out. The majority of the things I'm the apt are mine. He only has a blowup bed a big tv and a dresser. He won't answer my calls so if he does put my things out what can I do legally? I have a lot of important documents as well as things that aren't replaceable.Please help.Thanks

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You can sue him .

Darrell B. Reynolds,
Attorney and Counselor at Law
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Dear Tenant:

I am an attorney licensed in New York. I do not practice law in Georgia.

As an active duty military person you have rights against anyone who may try to evict you illegally. Bring your concerns to the attention of your commanding officer. The Base JAG may have a means to help.

Did you take your child to base housing?

You could hire an attorney to protect your personal property and right to possession while you are away on active duty.

Good luck.

The answer provided to you is in the nature of general information. The general proposition being that you should try to avoid a bad outcome if you can.



Thanks so much! My child is currently living with grandparents. I will inform my supervisor. I didn't want this to end up filing suit on him because he's done a lot for me. If he does put my things out I will, but what if anything will happen with his rental history and will the staff be informed? Thanks.