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Can my roommate legally change the locks on me if I am renting from her?

Peoria, IL |

I do not know if she owns the house or if her parents do, but my rent is current and I just gave my two months notice. We have no paper contract or lease or anything, and I have a feeling she may change the locks on me because of a cat situation. I have two cats that she said could live there. The kitten has separation anxiety and my roommate put her in the garage where she got an eye infection. She said my cat was meowing and has destroyed some of her stuff although she has no hard evidence. The vet said that my kitten should not be in the garage and is not in heat. My roommate only wants the kitten to be in the house if it is declawed, which I will not do to a cat for defense reasons if she accidentally gets outside. I am keeping the kitten inside, so the locks might get changed.

That same day I gave her my two months notice. The next day, she gave me a 5-day-notice and said that we need to go to open court the following Monday. She also said I owe her $1300 but as there is no lease and no contract, I don't know how I owe that amount. The amount that I would pay is this month's rent and the next two months, which comes to $975. What do I do? I am already moving in two months and now, all of a sudden after I give her notice, she wants me out in five days. What is going on here besides a tantrum and a power struggle?

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She can NOT do that, it's a constructive eviction. I don't know if Peoria has a city ordinance on landlord/tenant issues, but generally in Illinois you must give 30 days notice before kicking tenants to the curb.

Failure to do so = her owing you $$$

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