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Can my probation officer tell me to stop taking my medication (xanex), even though my doctor proscribed it?

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My probation officer suspects that I have been dealing them however he has no evidence of this and I havent been. I actually have more than I need because I dont always take the maximum amount needed. Can he legally tell me not to take them even though they are medically prescribed to me? And there have been no new charges filed about anything.

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I think you may have posted this question already but if you have not there are some good replies in a similar question asked earlier today. It might be worth checking those replies to see if they help Good luck.


It is often the case that the Court will include very vague language in sentences that grant Probation Officers great authority. Something as simple as "comply with conditions of probation" can be read by the Probation Officer to allow them to create any condition of your probation, reasonable or otherwise. I have had success in challenging this authority in a motion to amend a condition of probation which asks the Court to be more specific in a particular case. Keep in mind that your Probation Officer may respond in an unfavorable way and explain her/his concerns to the Court. Either way, it is important that you discuss the specifics of your case with a competent Attorney who handles criminal matters and follow your Lawyer's advice!


You have previously posted this question. Please review my answer.


the PO acts like he does because there is an epidemic of people addicted to prescription drugs. as long as your prescription is legal, he shouldn't violate you for that but there is no guarantee.

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